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General FAQ's

Should I repair or Replace my old boiler?

Boilers, like most engines, have a shelf life and manufacturers recommend replacing your old boiler once it becomes too expensive to repair. Repairs can be expensive, sometimes as much as a brand new boiler and there could easily be more problems further down the line. With the advancement of technology, new boilers are quieter, more reliable and more efficient saving you on your energy bills. Your new boiler will be covered by a warranty too, so if it breaks, it will be repaired by the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind. To compare boilers now, click here<

How much is a new boiler?

There are lots to consider in the cost of a new boiler, the boiler itself, a new flue, fixtures and fittings, chemicals, a Gas Safe installation, the commissioning and set up of the boiler and its parameters, safety report for building control and the registration of your warranty. This would usually set you back between £2000 – £4000. can find you the exact same boiler at a fraction of the cost. To compare boilers now, click here

What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler is the most popular type of boiler installed in the uk. This is because they are highly efficient. Combi boilers are used to heat your home and give you hot water on demand. They are small and compact and don’t require a water tank saving you space and wasted energy heating water you might not use. To compare boilers now, click here

Can I choose which boiler to have?

Yes, unlike some other boiler companies, lets you compare many brands and boilers allowing you to choose the boiler you want. To compare now, click here


Why Choose

Here at we put you, the customer first. With over twenty years serving customers, we know how important good service is. With our network of vetted Gas Safe installers, we ensure that we can install your boiler fast and to the highest standard. To read our reviews now, click here

How quick can fit my boiler?

We have a network of vetted Gas Safe engineers on standby ready to install your brand new A rated boiler. We can have your new boiler installed and up and running within 24 hours* so you wont be waiting days without heating or hot water. To compare boilers now, click here

How is so affordable? has a dedicated team of professionals constantly checking the market to get all products at the best price for you. Unlike some of the bigger companies, we do not employ sales people to come and try to ‘sell’ you a boiler, from experience, they are only interested in their commission and not the best solution for your home. By cutting out the middleman, we pass this saving onto our customers. To compare boilers now, click here

What's does include in the price?

All of our A rated boilers come with everything you need and expect from a professional installation. 1) Expert installation by a Gas Safe registered engineer 2) Your brand new A rated boiler 3) Replacement Flue 4) New energy saving controls worth over £100 5) Chemical Clean and chemical protection 6) Registration of installation with building control 7) Up to 10 years manufactures warranty

Are installers Gas Safe registered? use a network of vetted Gas Safe installers to carry out your installation to the highest standard. To compare boilers now, click here

Do I get a warranty with

Yes, all of installations come with a manufactures parts and labour warranty of up to 10 years. To compare boilers now, click here

What if I make a mistake?

Don’t worry, we know its easy to make a mistake, especially with something that’s new, not everyone is a boiler expert. We will advise you at every stage and if we think there is a mistake we will let you know straight away. Alternatively, if you are unsure, just send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to check for you.

What if I have a question?

Just simply fill in our enquiry form and our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, just send us a quick email or call and we will be happy to help.

What happens after I've booked?

Once you have booked your installation, you will receive an email asking you to send a few photos. This is so we can assess how much work will be involved in the installation and to check everything will run smoothly. We will also give you a quick call to explain the process and to take payment for your new A rated boiler. To compare boilers now, click here

When do I pay for my boiler installation?

Once you have booked your installation, we will give you a quick call to explain the process and to take payment for your new A rated boiler. To compare boilers now, click here

Can I split my payment over two cards?

Yes, our team will process your payment over the phone. This can be done by bank transfer or credit/debit card, your in control.

Can I change my mind?

Yes of course, we don’t want you making a decision your not 100% happy with. If you change your mind just get in touch at the earliest opportunity.

About the installation

When will my boiler be delivered?

All your equipment will usually be delivered between 8am – 9am on the day of your installation. Occasionally, during busy periods, our delivery team will contact you to see if we can arrange delivery the day before.

How long will my boiler installation take?

Boiler installations vary on time depending on each situation. A typical installation takes a full day but as with everything some jobs are easier and will take less time and some will be more difficult and take longer. We book in two days for every installation to ensure we have enough time to complete your install to the highest standard. We aim to have your installation done within the same day but will advise you at every stage if we think it will take longer.

Do I need to do anything before my installation?

Yes, to help keep disruption to a minimum we recommend that the area around the boiler is cleared. If its going in a kitchen cupboard, it is cleared and any shelves removed. If you have any valuables in the room that they are put in a safe place. If we need to access your loft space, please make sure it is cleared and safe for our engineers to work. All this will be discussed with you before installation.

Will keep things clean?

Yes, our engineers will keep your home clean by laying dust sheets and protective mats. Once the installation is complete, they will tidy up any mess made by the installation.

Will do a power flush?

We include a chemical clean in the price of your installation. If your system is old and your radiators struggle to heat up, please discuss this with our team and we can give you a competitive quote for a power flush.

Will take away my old boiler?

Yes, we will remove and recycle your old boiler and any scrap unless you don’t want us to. There will be some packaging and a small amount of waste that we will ask if we can put in your bin.

After your boiler is installed

What happens after installation?

Once you are happy with your installation, we will register your install with building control and register your warranty with the manufacturer. You will then receive your certificates through the post. After a few weeks, we will give you a quick courtesy call to check everything is running smoothly and that you are happy with your brand new boiler

What does my warranty cover?

The manufactures warranty cover both parts and labour in case of breakdown for everything within your new boiler. The new controls and protection pack come with their own manufactures warranty

How do I keep my warranty valid?

Manufactures insist your boiler is serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer to keep your warranty valid. We will discuss options for this with you when you receive your courtesy call

Does register my warranty?

Yes, there is no need for you to do anything, we will let the manufacturer know once your boiler is installed

Who carries out my annual service?

Your boiler has to be serviced annually by a registered Gas Safe engineer. We will discuss options for this when you receive our courtesy call

What if my boiler breaks down?

In the unlikely event your boiler breaks down within its warranty period, your first point of call will be the manufacturer. If it is out of warranty, then please get in touch and we will be able to find you a repair engineer covering your area

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