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Step 1

What Fuel Does Your Boiler Use

Select your boiler fuel type from the 4 options. If you are in doubt as to your fuel type, please give us a call.

Natural Gas

Most boilers run on mains-supplied natural gas.


If you have a Liquid Petroleum Gas boiler, select here.

Step 2

What type of boiler do you have?

Select your current boiler type. Please contact us if you are unsure.


A modern boiler with no external hot-water tank.


A boiler attached to a main fireplace.


A boiler with external hot-water tank and loft-tank.


A mains-fed boiler with external hot-water storage tank.

Step 3

Do you need to relocate your boiler?

If your boiler is positioned in an inconvenient space, or not on an external wall it may need to be moved.


The current setup is perfectly placed.

Yes same room (+£150)

Please quote for relocating the boiler.

Yes different room (+£300)

Please quote for relocating the boiler.

Yes to Garage or Attic (+£500)

Please quote for relocating the boiler.

Step 4

How many bedrooms do you have?

Bedrooms is an easy way to measure your home size and central heating requirement. Please enter a number in the box and press the next arrow.

1 or 2 Bedrooms

My home has 1 or 2 bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

My home has 3 bedrooms

4 Bedrooms

My home has 4 bedrooms

5 Bedrooms

My home has 5 bedrooms

Step 5

How many of these does your home have?

Whether a bath, stand-alone shower unit, or shower-over-bath, counting the washing facilities determines the hot-water needs. Please enter a number in the box and press the next arrow.
No. of
Standalone Shower's?

As standalone shower can often be found in smaller bathrooms or en-suites.

No. of
Shower over Bath's?

A shower over bath is the most common wash unit as it offers a combination of both.

No. of

A standalone bath does not have a shower over it but may have a shower hose near the taps.

You're almost finished! go to Next step
Step 6

Flue type

Does your flue come out at the side of your house or out of your flat or sloped roof?


Does the end of your flue come out of the wall?

Roof flat

Does your flue come out of the roof and is your roof flat?

Roof Sloped

Does your flue come out of the roof and is your roof sloped?

Because of your specific criteria,
we need to speak to you before giving you a price

Unfortunately due to the nature of your setup we can’t offer you a direct quote online.

We’re sorry, but because of your specific criteria we are unable to provide an online quote for your boiler replacement needs – don’t be discouraged though, one of our team will be able to find the perfect fit to suit your needs.

At we are keen to offer only the products that are perfect for our customers and provide professional advice. Consequently we will only offer an online solution when it accurately meets the final requirements.

Please fill out the form and one of our specialists will give you a callback or send you an email to discuss your needs.

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